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Welcome to our Septic Treatments Shopping Page.

Use the guide below to help determine which of the Septic System Treatments we carry is best for your home. You can read what real customers have said about each product, as well as get an understanding of how each product works.

Remember, if you purchase from us, we guarantee any product you purchase, with a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisifed with the product you purchase, we will ship you ANY other product we carry, until your septic system is completely restored!

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septicleanse septic system treatment SeptiCleanse Septic Treatments
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septic defender septic treatment
Septic Defender® Treatment
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Comprehensive Comparison of the Top Septic System Treatment Brands


Brand of
septic treatment
Ability to immediately dissolve clogs & backups Speed of Restoring Septic System Effectiveness on eliminating odors Ability to maintain septic system long-term Type of System it is designed to work on Read Customer Comments Buy Now





Septic tank,Cesspool, drainfield, sand mound, Leach field, Camper/RV


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septic defender septic treatment

Septic tank,Cesspool, drainfield, sand mound, Leach field, Camper/RV Read Customer Comments






Septic tank,Cesspool, drainfield, sand mound, Leach field, Camper/RV


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Septic tank,Cesspool, drainfield, sand mound, Leach field, Camper/RV


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Septic tank


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How to Choose the Best Septic Treatment for your Septic System Problems.

You have decided you need a septic treatment. Perhaps you are dealing with foul septic odors or a strong hint of sewer odor and you want it to go away. Maybe your problem is more severe than that and you think you have a clogged leach or drain field, maybe even need a new septic tank. Whatever the reason, it is time to get septic treatments or septic additives to rectify the situation. What you need to do now is choose which brand is right for you, and your particular situation.

The first thing you need to do is become familiar with some essential information. First and foremost, get an estimated age of your septic tank, drain field or sand mound system. Knowing the approximate age is important in deciding the strength of treatment you need. Also, we need an honest appraisal of how well the septic tank maintenance has been over the past 3-5 years. In other words, were you regularly supplementing your septic system with septic additives or have you more or less been ignoring the maintenance. Again, by being honest with yourself, you are able to correctly identify just how long these problems have been building up.

OK, we know what type of system now and we have an approximate age. We have determined whether or not the system has been properly cared for or whether it needs a bit more attention this time around. It is time to assess the symptoms you are seeing. Are you hoping to avoid a costly system replacement? Do you have back up into the lower drains in your home? Is there a strong sewage odor present in the home? How about outside, can you smell odors? For those with drain fields or leach fields, do you have standing water, muddy ground in patches of your yard? Or perhaps you think that the septic tank itself is clogged and not working right. Make a list of priorities that your septic treatment or septic additive must accomplish in order for it to suit your needs.

While some septic tanks and clogged drain fields may cause you to get septic professionals or contractors to come out to the home. Perhaps it is just to pump the tank, and sometimes to assess the septic treatment needed. BE CAUTIOUS, while not all septic contractors are rip off artists, it IS in their best interest to advise you that you must replace the entire drain field. They may say roots are clogging it, or because it is so old that it just stopped working. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

Choosing the best septic treatment means choosing an additive that is right for you. If you have a clogged system, it is best to realize it is best to get septic shock treatments as well as a monthly maintenance program. While the “shock” septic treatments may cost a bit more money than the less expensive monthly septic additives, they will deliver the higher concentrated doses of treatment needed for older or failing systems. Do not expect things a regular monthly maintenance treatment to reverse a clogged drain field, at least not quickly. For more severe issues, choose a shock, preferable a granular one vs. a liquid one which will be washed away before it even makes a dent.

For those of you who do not have a severe problem, and are looking to prevent one, you can choose from lighter grade shocks or monthly maintenance programs. Or maybe you just shocked your septic system and you want to get septic monthly treatments to maintain performance. We recommend choosing the best rated septic additives and treatments, even if your budget does not allow for you to purchase 1 or 2 years all at once, it is always better to use the best quality treatment than some inexpensive, unproven knock off. In the long run, it is far more cost effective to resolve the problem rather than spending a few dollars less to get half of the results.

You don’t have to be a septic professional to handle your septic problem by yourself. A little bit of research, a little bit of understanding and little bit of planning, can go a long way in choosing the right septic treatment. Reading third party reviews of septic treatments is also very beneficial. Real customers, just like you, make this same decision every day, make sure you take advantage of their knowledge. Don’t make your septic tank or your family suffer another day filled with sewage odors and clogged septic waste in the yard. Get septic treatments that work, just make sure it is designed to treat the problems you are experiencing.