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Welcome to our Leach Field Treatments Shopping Page.

Use the guide below to help determine which of the Septic System Treatments we carry is best for your home. You can read what real customers have said about each product, as well as get an understanding of how each product works.

Remember, if you purchase from us, we guarantee any product you purchase, with a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisifed with the product you purchase, we will ship you ANY other product we carry, until your septic system is completely restored!

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septicleanse septic system treatment SeptiCleanse Leach Field Treatments
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Septic tank,Cesspool, drainfield, sand mound, Leach field, Camper/RV


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Septic tank,Cesspool, drainfield, sand mound, Leach field, Camper/RV


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Septic tank,Cesspool, drainfield, sand mound, Leach field, Camper/RV


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Septic tank


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Leach Fields that are clogged can be Restored!

Your leach field is the section of your septic system where liquefied waste, previously held in the septic tank, can drain itself back into the soil and ultimately the water table. If your leach field backs up, then your septic tank will back up and eventually you will have a problem inside the home.

leach fields commonly get clogged up. Reason being that solid waste tends to gradually find its way to the leach field, once a septic system begins to fail. The leach field will constantly be bombarded with small increments of solid waste. Eventually the leach field will become clogged by this concentrated bio-mat. If the bio-mat, or concentrated waste becomes deeper than the leach field lines, you have a clogged leach field.

Clogged leach fields can cause the standing water in the yard. Septic odors and back-up into the home are guaranteed. It is not a question of if, it is a question of when. If you are a homeowner, maintaining a healthy and clear leach field is the best step to avoid costly replacement later on. leach fields are not cheap to dig up and replace, believe me, you do not want to pay ten thousand dollars to flush again.

If you have a clogged leach field, you can use septic treatments known as “shocks” to breakup and liquefy that bio-mat, restoring function to the leach field. While normal monthly treatments will help, leach field problems are generally more serious in nature and require a more concentrated dose initially, and then homeowners should resume monthly treatment.

If your leach field is not clogged then the normal monthly septic treatment should suffice. But do not ignore your leach field, just because it is working now does not mean it is not on the way to being clogged. leach fields can take years to fail, but when they do it’s a nightmare. Find the right treatment for you.


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leach field septic system repair

Failing Leach Field, Drain Field, Cesspool or Septic Tank
Nasty Sewage Odors in your Home or Yard
Sewage and Waste gurgling up from Drains
Slow Drains or Completely Backed up Pipes

The Leach Field Septic System Treatment Products we carry are the most powerful on the market, with the highest success rate in restoring any Leach Field . Don't pay thousands of dollars to a Plumber or Septic Contractor to repair or replace your existing septic system. For a fraction of the cost, our Top Rated Septic Products can bring your Leach Field system back to life, and maintain proper function for good.