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Rid-X Septic System Treatment

Average Review: rid x septic system treatment review

This hardware store brand is a low cost option, for people who do NOT have a serious problem on their hands. If you just want to maintain your system with a relatively weak product, that is widely available, this is a good choice. It does NOT have the same "staying power" of our top treatments, but it is a good option of you have a very tight budget.

What Happened When We Tested It?
This is a very commonly seen brand of septic treatment. It's on the shelves of many hardware stores and even some grocery stores. Due to the fact that most mainstream products like this are designed with price in mind, more than effectiveness and strength, we were assuming it wouldn't be much of a treatment to compare with the premium brands we carry. We were correct.

Our tester had a completely blocked septic system, which was causing slow drainage in tubs and sinks, as well as a backup in the yard, and occassional odor outside. In his words, the odor would "come and go" depending on the wind and temperature. He tried the Rid-x product for us, as a last chance option before having a septic contractor come and pump and/or replace his system.

He used the Rid-x for 3 weeks, putting it in toilets and down sinks. In his words, Rid-x, "was like trying to kill an elephant with a fly swatter". It simply didn't have the strength or potency to restore a septic system which is currently undergoing problems. It might be fine for a simple maintenance routine, but for bringing a clogged system back to life, it was not the right choice.

After the treatment, our tester asked us if we had a different product we could refer him to, and he was, in fact, able to bring his septic system back to life with our top rated septic treatment.  

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Customer Reviews

I tried this product after seeing it in Home Depot. It did nothing to restore my system. It's like a "draino" type product that might help eat up grease and such, but it is not strong enough for the problem I had in my septic system.


We started using Rid-X this fall, and so far nothing has improved. At least the product is cheap enough, where I don't really feel too badly about trying it, before having my system pumped.


If you have a clogged septic system with a backup, you need a stronger product than Rid-X. I tried it first, because of the price, but I ended up going with a different brand, which restored my septic system within a matter of weeks.