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Welcome to our Bacteria Additive Septic Treatments Shopping Page.

Use the guide below to help determine which of the Septic System Treatments we carry is best for your home. You can read what real customers have said about each product, as well as get an understanding of how each product works.

Remember, if you purchase from us, we guarantee any product you purchase, with a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisifed with the product you purchase, we will ship you ANY other product we carry, until your septic system is completely restored!

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septicleanse septic system treatment SeptiCleanse Bacterial Additive
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generic septic tank cesspool treatment Generic Bacteria Additive
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Comprehensive Comparison of the Top Septic Bacterial Additive Brands


Brand of
septic treatment
Ability to immediately dissolve clogs & backups Speed of Restoring Septic System Effectiveness on eliminating odors Ability to maintain septic system long-term Type of System it is designed to work on Read Customer Comments Buy Now





Septic tank,Cesspool, drainfield, sand mound, Leach field, Camper/RV


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Septic tank,Cesspool, drainfield, sand mound, Leach field, Camper/RV


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Septic tank,Cesspool, drainfield, sand mound, Leach field, Camper/RV


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Septic tank


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Septic Bacteria Additives can Restore your clogged septic system.

You may have heard the term septic bacteria additive or perhaps you are more familiar with the expression septic treatment. While they may sound different and may even insinuate different concentrations of treatment, septic bacteria additives and septic treatments are very similar in nature.

Septic Additives are a treatment that you simply add to your septic system that is designed to keep your septic system running smoothly. Septic additives can eliminate odors and smells and they can break up clogs and digest waste. Essentially all septic bacteria additives are septic treatments and all septic treatments are septic additives. It is simply another term for the same thing.

Generally speaking septic additives refers to a monthly maintenance treatment, but it is not always the cast. Stronger versions of septic additives are often called septic shocks. While the use of the word septic bacteria additive does not exclusively mean a monthly treatment, in many instances it does. What is not up for debate is that they are essential in maintaining a healthy, repair free septic system.

If you are a new homeowner, then finding a monthly septic bacteria additive is always a great idea to avoid costly problems. If you already have septic clogs and want to reverse them, then perhaps searching for a stronger septic additive, one often referred to as a “shock” is the better alternative for you. As always, compare septic additives and read third party reviews to take advantage of the information other consumers have shared to help.




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septic additive bacteria

Failing Septic Tank, Leach / Drain Field, Cesspool or Sand Mound    
Nasty Sewage Odors in your Home or Yard
Sewage and Waste gurgling up from Drains
Slow Drains or Completely Backed up Pipes

The Septic System Bacteria Additives we carry are the most powerful on the market, with the highest success rate in restoring any system. Don't pay thousands of dollars to a Plumber or Septic Contractor to repair or replace your existing septic system. For a fraction of the cost, our Top Rated Septic Additive Bacterias can bring your system back to life, and maintain proper function for good.