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Get Rid of Septic or Sewage Odors - Welcome to our Septic System Treatments Shopping Page.

Use the guide below to help determine which of the Septic System Treatments we carry is best for your home. You can read what real customers have said about each product, as well as get an understanding of how each product works.

Remember, if you purchase from us, we guarantee any product you purchase, with a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisifed with the product you purchase, we will ship you ANY other product we carry, until your septic system is completely restored!

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septicleanse septic system treatment SeptiCleanse Septic Treatments
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generic septic tank cesspool treatment Generic Septic Treatment
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Comprehensive Comparison of the Top Septic System Treatment Brands


Brand of
septic treatment
Ability to immediately dissolve clogs & backups Speed of Restoring Septic System Effectiveness on eliminating odors Ability to maintain septic system long-term Type of System it is designed to work on Read Customer Comments Buy Now





Septic tank,Cesspool, drainfield, sand mound, Leach field, Camper/RV


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Septic tank,Cesspool, drainfield, sand mound, Leach field, Camper/RV


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Septic tank,Cesspool, drainfield, sand mound, Leach field, Camper/RV


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Septic tank


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Eliminate Nasty Sewage Odors in and outside your home.

septic system problems

Failing Septic Tank, Leach / Drain Field, Cesspool or Sand Mound    
Nasty Sewage Smells in your Home or Yard
Sewage and Waste gurgling up from Drains that smells
Slow Drains or Completely Backed up Pipes

Eliminate the horrible sewage smell and septic odors that your failing septic system is causing.  The Septic System Treatment Products we carry are the most powerful on the market, with the highest success rate in restoring any system and eliminating septic smell and odor. Don't pay thousands of dollars to a Plumber or Septic Contractor to repair or replace your existing septic system. For a fraction of the cost, our Top Rated Septic Products can bring your system back to life, eliminating the horrible smells.

Do you have a Sewage Smell in your Home or Yard?

If so, you had better act NOW, and do NOT waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a Plumber or Septic Contractor!

Why is that horrible sewage smell happening?
You are actually smelling the feces and waste that your family is flushing down the toilet. Not only is the sewage smell horrible, the germs and gasses your family is breathing are unhealthy and unsanitary. Normally, your septic system has good bacteria in it, which digest the solids into liquid form... they can then filter naturally and safely into the ground. However, sometimes a septic system fails to break down the solid waste. When that happens, the gasses and even sometimes actual waste, can come up through your pipes and drains. That is what you are smelling and maybe even seeing in sinks, tubs, or in a muddy yard.

Why did my septic system fail?
It can be for many reasons. Sometimes the age of a system can cause failure. Another very common cause is the use of soaps, disinfectants, and bleaches in the home. When these products go down drains and toilets, they can KILL the good, necessary bacteria that is vital for your septic system to digest solid waste. When the solid waste is not being digested, you start to see and smell it. It also can cause slow draining of tubs and sinks, and backups in the toilet.

How can I fix the sewage smell problem, and FAST?
While your first instinct might be to panic and call a plumber or septic contractor, you should be very leary. These repairmen are known for frightening customers into paying thousands of dollars to fix a system which can USUALLY be restored by the use of a flushable, natural product. So, please, don't fall into the trap that most contractors or plumbers hope you fall into. Instead, take a look at some of these products which can Completely Restore your Septic System for a Fraction of the cost. Better yet, is the news that with continued use of these products, your system can be maintained to never fail again in the future.